Fragrance and beauty in the evening garden

Rob Zimmer
Special Contributor
Flowers and foliage in white and silver are perfect for an evening garden, one that is at its best at sunset and into the evening hours. Casa Blanca oriental lilies fill the air with their rich, beautiful aroma.

Enjoy the beauty of your garden from sunset and beyond by incorporating plants with gleaming foliage and heavenly aromas to last well into the night.

Plants with foliage or blossoms in white, silver, pale yellow, light pink and other colors are especially attractive for evening or night gardens, where their shimmering foliage and blooms seem to glow in the darkness of night.

Be sure to incorporate one of many fun and creative lighting options for the night garden, as well. Garden centers and stores are filled with a variety of unusual, fun and creative lighting options. 

Solar lighting has come a long way and you'll find many different options, including solar candles, as well as solar lights in the form of insects, birds, flowers and more.

You'll discover a whole new side to your gardening hobby by creating an enchanting evening or night garden.

Plants that bloom in white are especially popular, since these tend to show up better in the darkness, and, as an added bonus, most give off a pleasing scent during the evening hours.

Casa Blanca, a giant oriental lily that blooms in glistening, snow white is one of my favorites to include in the night garden. With blooms that may reach 8 inches in diameter, and flowering stalks that may reach 5 to 6 feet in height when mature, this lily is a showcase plant for the night garden.

Daylilies that bloom in white, yellow and light pink tend to be very fragrant, making them an excellent addition to the evening garden.

There are many other lilies in pale pink, white and yellow that also give off incredible fragrance during the evening hours. Any of them are an incredible addition to your night garden.

Many varieties of daylilies also give off a pleasant fragrance, especially those in pale tones and white. Be sure to include clumps of these beautiful and elegant summer blooms in your garden. 

An excellent annual flower to include in the evening garden is giant flowering tobacco. Any of the flowering tobacco varieties are excellent choices, but this variety reaches 4 to 5 feet in height and features 6 inch long tubular blooms that hang like bells from the central stalk.

Evening primrose, mountain mint, wild bergamot, four o'clock's, sweet alyssum, white petunias and others are other excellent choices to include in your night garden.

Don't forget the foliage when planning your night garden. Many plants feature foliage in lighter colors, silver and white, perfect for creating a ghostly glow in the night garden.

Several varieties of caladium feature large leaves in white, often in dramatic color combinations.

Silver foliaged plants such as wormwood, ladies mantle, lambs ears, dusty miller, ghost fern, painted fern and others really shimmer in the dark. 

Many varieties of hostas glow beautifully in the evening garden. Many of the light, powdery blue varieties do especially well. Hostas in pale yellow or chartreuse also glow beautifully after dark. Some of these include Prairie Moon, Moonlight, Sum and Substance, May, August Moon, Coast to Coast, Key West, Solar Flare and more. 

Creating a beautiful and magical garden that is at its best after sunset is a fun and invigorating way to expand your garden's beauty, usefulness and joy, as well as creating an entirely new landscape that shimmers and glows after dark.

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The sweet, minty aroma of Mountain Mint drifts through the garden at sunset.