Milk Specialties expands Sweet Whey Powder production in FDL plant

Wisconsin State Farmer

FOND DU LAC - Milk Specialties Global, a dairy protein manufacturer based out of Eden Prairie, MN, has a new expansion underway at their Fond du Lac, WI facility. By the end of the 2018, the company will have an expanded production line used solely for Sweet Whey Powder (SWP). 

Milk Specialties Global plans to to expand production of sweet whey powder by 22 million lbs. in its Fond du Lac facility.

This expansion comes after an increase in demand for SWP, a dried whey derived from the manufacturing process of cheese (such as cheddar and swiss) that has been pasteurized and has no added preservatives. SWP is a good source of protein, lactose and milk minerals making it a useful ingredient in bakery, confectionary, snacks, and other food applications. Also, SWP adds to the nutritive value of any product and improves texture and color.

The scope of the company’s project is to expand and add to the existing equipment in Fond du Lac, by producing an additional 22 million lbs of product per year. That is a 40% increase from past SWP production. This expansion will support Milk Specialties’ growing Calf Milk Replacer business as well as its growing U.S. and internationally-based customers in the food and feed nutrition markets.

"We knew the opportunity to process more sweet whey powder would greatly benefit our suppliers and customers by allowing us to better support their business growth," stated Tom Benson, Milk Specialties Global Executive Vice President.

With an ever-growing supply of milk in the U.S., Milk Specialties is doing what it can to help manufacture more high-quality dairy ingredients that support the growth of farmers and cheese makers throughout the Midwest.