Valley Agricultural Software and Vault Dairy Technologies partner on data integration

Associated Press

TULARE, CA - Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) and Vault Dairy Technologies have announced a partnership to integrate data from the VAS Platform into Vault to enhance functionality and reporting for its users/subscribers.

E collars allow dairy producers to collect production and health data from cows this is analyzed in dairy software programs.

VAS is a global leader in dairy management software focusing on milk production, feed management and animal health. Vault is software that leverages dairy data to create detailed forecasts for producers based on real-time market conditions and pricing.

The initial integration announced at Connect Summit 2018 features VAS data from its core dairy management technologies — DairyComp, FeedComp and ParlorComp — automatically populating Vault with the most current data affecting both current and long-term projections (based on market conditions).

This automatic importing of data saves considerable time dedicated to manual entry, helps ensure data accuracy (fewer errors), and ensures that the most current data is being used to make critical decisions related to risk management and forward-looking financials.

Additional enhancements and functionality made possible with the partnership will be announced when available.

"At the core of the partnership is the integration of data," says Brian Rice, co-founder and CEO, Vault Technologies. "Data is a powerful tool for dairy producers, but it must be processed and presented the right way. This integration will provide farms with a more granular understanding of data and what it means, and empower each one to steer its business into the future with greater confidence."

"The strength of any good integration is in the ability to take data that already exists and leverage it across as many disciplines as possible without creating more work for the producer," says Tim Taylor, CEO, VAS. "The partnership between VAS and Vault establishes that foundation for greater business intelligence without adding any complexity to the end user."

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