Nasonville Dairy named top Firm of the Year

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Ken Heiman and his family have built quite an empire at Nasonville Dairy. 

The company, which is owned by brothers Ken, Kelvin and Kim Heiman and their families, was recognized as Marshfield's 2017 Firm of the Year by the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce & Industry during a celebration banquet on Thursday evening at RiverEdge Golf Course.

"It’s a once in a lifetime," Ken Heiman said.

To exhibit the growth of Nasonville Dairy, 10898 State 10, Marshfield, the business won Small Business of the Year just over a decade ago.

"When you’re the small business of the year but if you can be lucky enough in the next 10 years to grow, it's a great feat and we're very proud of it. It It’s a culmination and recognition of all of the people that work with you. It’s our family. It’s all of our employees and the people who supply us milk. All the people that supply product for us all over the country."

Ken Heiman, owner of Nasonville Dairy, stands next to a cheese vat at Nasonville Dairy in Marshfield in 2013. This nearby dairy offers fresh curds.

Ken Heiman said it is working locally with the community that has allowed for such growth outside of Marshfield. 

Nasonville Dairy is known for their cheese curds but is about much more than that and as Ken Heiman said in a phone interview Thursday, "always has two or three new things on the horizon." 

Nasonville recently completed a new feta plant and will be co-hosts of next year's Farm Technology Days, held in Wood County. 

The Heiman brothers were honored Thursday night at RiverEdge Golf Course as Nasonville Dairy was named Marshfield's Firm of the Year.

Heiman said that the family recently signed a contract to sell in retail in China and has for some time shipped cheese to Panama and Canada among other countries. While Nasonville Dairy is certainly huge locally with its cheese, cheese curds and butter, that reach is expanding globally.

"This is just awesome because we've been a family business since 1885 and to see what this generation could do...we're thinking of what level the next generation can take it to."