United Cooperative revolves $7M in stock to members

Wisconsin State Farmer
United Cooperative

BEAVER DAM – United Cooperative revolved more than $6.2 million in stock (all 2007 cooperative members stock), as well as the percentage of stock committed to be revolved per plan of merger agreements.

In addition, the full-service farmer-owned cooperative based at Beaver Dam paid $770,000 in member requests for those older than 77 and estate settlements. All totaled, United Cooperative, has paid its members $7 million in stock revolvement in 2017.

One of the values of doing business cooperatively, is members share in the profits of their cooperative.

“This equity revolvement is an ongoing commitment to members that United Cooperative takes very seriously,” says David Cramer, United Cooperative President and CEO. “In order for the cooperative to return equity to members, the cooperative must generate a profit, and the cooperative does not generate profits without the support, commitment and patronage from our members,” he added.

“More than 17,000 members received stock revolvement checks from United Cooperative in October. And as the cooperative revolves this equity, members reinvest those dollars back into their communities through other purchases and philanthropic giving,” Cramer said.

Top 100

United Cooperative was named to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Top 100 Cooperatives on Oct. 12.

United Cooperative is number 45 on the list, up nine spots from a year ago. The release of the co-op Top 100 report comes as USDA and cooperatives nationwide celebrate National Cooperative Month throughout October.