Minneapolis, MN — Anti-icing techniques are rapidly becoming the new norm for local municipalities looking for more efficient and effective ways to keep winter roads safe.

The old approach is to use salt crystals to melt the ice from the top down. This strategy is not nearly as effective as spraying a brine mixture of Magnesium Chloride mixed with corn syrup on the surface of a road several hours prior to a predicted winter storm.

This proactive approach to winter road maintenance starts the melting of ice from the bottom up on the road’s surface (rather than the top down) resulting in a significantly amplified melting process. It is estimated that this process reduces the required energy to remove adhered ice to a road by as much as a factor of 10.

Delavan Ag Pumps’ Quick Attach Port Bypass 3 – 5 GPM Model Pump has been designed to serve as the engine through which anti-icing brine (a mixture of Magnesium Chloride and corn syrup) can be applied to a road proactively (several hours prior to an anticipated winter storm) in an effort to dramatically reduce the required energy necessary to effectively remove the adhered ice and snow from the roadway in question.

“Our Quick Attach Port Bypass 3- 5 GPM Model Pump is proving to be a reliable solution for local municipalities to address their anti-icing brine application needs,” said Karl Larson, head of Engineering for Delavan Ag Pumps.

“Anti-icing strategies have become more and more commonplace in the winter road maintenance philosophies of a growing number of local municipalities throughout the country. Delavan Ag Pumps has a reliable pump solution that will make your winter road maintenance brine application needs both efficient and seamless.”

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