Purina launches poultry Pinterest page

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Purina Animal Nutrition announces the launch of the Purina Poultry Pinterest page. This new online resource center offers tips and inspiration for both beginning and experienced backyard chicken raisers.

Jodi Eineichner, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition, says says the new resource center was created to assist in each exciting step of the chicken raising journey.

'Raising backyard chickens comes with many fun decisions: Which breed is best for me? What should my coop look like? How can I keep my flock healthy?,' she says. 'We created the Purina Poultry Pinterest page as another meeting place for America's backyard chicken raisers, so they can easily find information as their birds grow.'

The Pinterest page provides resources for chicken enthusiasts at all levels of poultry knowledge with resources categorized by interest boards.

Current boards include: reasons to have backyard chickens; getting started with chickens; chick nutrition and care; tips from experienced chicken raisers; scenes from the Purina Animal Nutrition Center; coop inspiration; hen nutrition and care; backyard breeds; gardening with chickens; flock and family fun.

Fans can choose to follow the complete Pinterest page or select boards of interest. The Purina Poultry team adds to many of the boards each week, helping fans become inspired consistently.

'Our new Pinterest page adds to our industry-leading online presence,' says Einechner. 'For the full online experience, be sure to follow Purina Poultry on Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube and to subscribe to our e-mail program by visiting www.PurinaChickDays.com. Each medium offers a unique experience – with the shared goal of celebrating the joy of raising backyard chickens.'

To follow the new Purina Poultry Pinterest page, visit https://www.pinterest.com/purinapoultry/. For additional tips on raising backyard chickens, visit www.purinamills.com/chicken-feed.