Dairy Science 301 training program

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A select group of salespeople from across the U.S. recently participated in an intense, four-day Dairy Science 301 training program at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, MO.

Representing Wisconsin were Christine McFarland and Stephanie Nagel.

Participants received in-depth training on calf, heifer and cow health, nutrition and management.

Participants were also given behind-the-scenes tours of the Purina Animal Nutrition Dairy Facility. Students participated in these informative sessions:

· Full Potential Calf Feeding and Management Training

· Heifer Evaluations Program

· Heifer Nutrition and Management

· Dairy Reproduction Workshop

· Transition Cow Health Workshop

· Troubleshooting Workshops

· Blood Analysis for Nutrition Evaluation

· Lameness Evaluation

· Water Quality workshop

· Evaluated Transition Cow Case Studies

· Develop and Fine Tune Diets

· Lactating Cow Nutrient Responses

They were also given electronic tools to help their customers manage their operations and improve profitability and herd health.