Wysocki honored with leadership award

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Louis Wysocki, Secretary-Treasurer of Wysocki Farms, Inc. and time-honored supporter/member of Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA), has been selected as one of three recipients, of the 2016 Quality of Life Leadership Award from Saint Michael's Foundation, the philanthropic agency of Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital and Ministry Medical Group.

This honor is awarded annually in recognition of Portage County leaders who have made significant contributions to enhance the quality of life for citizens of the surrounding region.

Wysocki's award was presented at the Annual Saint Michael's Foundation fundraising banquet April 23, 2016, in SentryWorld's Grand Hall.

Until he retired at the age of 62, Louis Wysocki served as general manager and CEO of a multi-corporation family business, which he and his brothers, Francis and Gregory, founded in 1964 with their father.

'We are extremely proud of our father, mentor and recipient of a Quality of Life Leadership Award,' Russell Wysocki, President and CEO of Wysocki Family of Companies and Wysocki's son said. 'Through years of hard work, he has shown us that sharing God's gifts with those in our community and with those around us, is not only a responsibility but a fulfilling opportunity. His integrity and passion for excellence, continues to be the foundation of Wysocki Family of Companies and we are forever grateful.'

Founder of Paragon Potato Farm, Inc. and Wysocki Sales, Inc. (currently called Russet Potato Exchange or RPE) Wysocki retired and gave up control of the business to his sons in 1997, living out his lifelong belief that an effective business succession is a process, not an event and that the next generation should be trained to take over the company in advance of when it actually occurs.

Wysocki has had a very successful career in farming and founded a 'pool pricing concept' for the grading and marketing of potatoes. This concept is now widely used throughout the industry, giving producers the confidence that their product is fairly and uniformly marketed with transparency and integrity, thusly allowing the marketing function to concentrate on the buyer's needs.

The nominations for Quality of Life Leadership Awards are reviewed and determined by a Selection Committee comprised of community leaders, including a representative from Saint Michael's Foundation Board of Directors.