Mathews introduces energy efficient grain dryer

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Mathews Company (M-C), a global manufacturer of grain dryers, has announced the launch of a new grain dryer product line, the ECO Series.

M-C recognized a need where there has been a pattern of prospective customers asking for an inexpensive low-profile style dryer that has the technological advances of other recently redesigned M-C grain dryer models.

According to the USDA, nearly half of U.S. farms fall under 1,000 acres, and so M-C seized the opportunity to manufacture a high quality, highly efficient, economical grain dryer that is easily configured to meet this smaller sized grower's needs while outperforming anything else in the marketplace.

M-C has been an industry-leader when it comes to highly efficient tower dryers, according to company president, Joseph Shulfer.

'We took on the challenge and applied what we've learned from the popularity of our tower series and implemented that design basis into a low-profile style dryer,' Shulfer said.

Quiet and efficient centrifugal fans with cast aluminum Midco® burners were just the start to creating this new highly efficient machine. Making it affordable for smaller sized producers was imperative during the planning stages.

'In addition, M-C vowed not to compromise the high quality standards that we have become known for,' said Shulfer.

Mathews Company responded quickly, designing and building the first prototypes within six months.

'It was exciting to take on the challenge from an engineering standpoint,' says Michael Wilke, Director of Engineering and Support Services.

Prototypes were purchased by five Midwest producers and M-C worked closely with them monitoring every operational aspect of the dryers. Throughout the harvest season, M-C's Engineers and Field Service Technicians visited the dryer sites to perform a wide variety of tests.

Both M-C and the ECO Series' dryer owners were very excited with the results. ECO Series owner, Mark Kennedy from Ohio, specifically cited how the dryer outperformed stated drying capacities, and that he liked the fact that that there are independent adjustable temperature set points in both the heat and cool plenums.

'I couldn't be more impressed,' said Kennedy.

Several of the prototype owners spoke at M-C's recent annual sales meeting to Mathews Company dealers and shared their thoughts and experiences with the ECO Series grain dryer. They fielded detailed questions from the dealers and, in the end, dealers came out of the meeting very excited and confident in the ECO Series' capabilities.

'Our goal was to deliver a high tech dryer that is easy to operate and competes with lower cost competitor offerings without compromising quality,' Wilke said. 'It was unanimous among the users that we did just that.'

The ECO Series is available in four heat + cool or all-heat model sizes: E300/E300h, E400/E400h, E500/E500h, and E600/E600h. Drying capacities range from 550 – 1,100 bushels per hour when operating in all-heat mode removing 5 points of moisture from shelled corn and 310 – 610 bushels per hour when operating in heat + cool mode.

M-C will introduce the ECO Series dryer to producers at both the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, and the Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines, IA in February.

For more information and details on early order discounts available for the new ECO Series dryer, producers are encouraged to contact their local M-C dealer or visit the Mathews Company website.