Call 12 clients help us reach $2 million milestone

Veronica Sanchez
12 News |
Call 12 for Action

My volunteers are always saying that thank-you notes are a lost art. Well, in this case, a written thank you is a must. Call 12 for Action has reached a special milestone: We now have saved more than $2 million for consumers this year.

No other Call for Action team of volunteers and reporters in the United States has saved this much in a year. But this is not about us; it's about you.

You e-mailed. You called. You contacted us when you had nowhere else to go.

You reached out when no one would call you back. You spoke up out of deep frustration; oftentimes, you did it through tears.

Your complaints ran the gamut this year. Many dealt with health-care issues -- access to care and billing issues. Many dealt with car transactions. When we could, we cleared them up.

When a Phoenix consignment shop owner closed shop and your belongings went missing, you trusted we would fight until we got them back.

Disputes over poor services, no refunds, bad movers ... the variety was endless. And when you thought someone was scamming you, you picked up the phone to call us in an effort to alert others.

You hung in there every week when we promised to call you back with an update on your case.

You trusted us even when months passed without good news. You jumped at the chance to share your story, whether in front of a camera or in writing.

You believed in us. And when we couldn't help, you trusted that we were giving you our best shot.

Without you, there would be no Call 12 for Action. So as we celebrate, we have you in mind. Because we do this for you and you alone.

If you feel you've been wronged, please reach out to us at Thank you for allowing us the honor of helping you.