Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t only cooking up chicken, they’re also cooking up some crazy ideas. Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.


Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth are teaming up again for a popular KFC item.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is bringing back its Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles to participating U.S. restaurants for a little more than a month starting Saturday.

The sweet-and-savory item pairs KFC’s Extra Crispy fried chicken with Belgian Liege-style waffles and is available as a basket meal or a sandwich until April 29, or while supplies last.

The Louisville, Kentucky-based company introduced waffles for a limited time last November and some restaurants sold out in two weeks, KFC said in a statement.

“We expected people would love Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles when we launched it in 2018,” said KFC's U.S. chief marketing officer Andrea Zahumensky in a statement. “But we underestimated how much love there would be, so we’re bringing it back just four months later. Too soon? Not a minute.”

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The fast-food chain said the waffles were “specially formulated to perfectly pair with KFC’s world-famous Extra Crispy fried chicken.” KFC tried 15 different waffle variations before opting for thick, Belgian Liege-style waffles made with a yeast-raised dough instead of a batter, KFC's head chef Bob Das said in a statement in November.

The result, Das said, "is sweeter and doughier than American-style waffles."

Customers can choose between a one-piece breast, two-piece thigh and drumstick or three-piece tenders with a waffle and a side of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup for $5.49. The sandwich features a breast fillet between two waffles and served with syrup starts at $5.99 and is available as a combo meal for $7.99.

There’s also Big Basket meals with two waffles and two syrups and a choice of two-piece white meat, three-piece dark meat or four-piece tenders for $7.99. Prices can vary by location.

Advertisements featuring Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth will start airing Saturday, KFC said.

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