Indoor Farms of America expand distribution coverage

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Indoor Farms of America has completed distribution coverage for all of Canada, with the signing of a second Distributor Agreement with West Grow Farms which covers Western Canada provinces as well as Eastern Canada.

'The team at West Grow Farms, headed by Randy King and Jim Philpott, brings a high level of capability to folks who want to construct an indoor agriculture facility, from small to large scale,' stated David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America in a news release. 'Randy and Jim have many years in building complex structures in the potentially harsh climates found in Canada, and bring that talent to our team in Western Canada, Quebec and the Eastern provinces. We are very pleased to now have put in place two quality companies to bring our equipment to Canada to grow many vegetables and fruits more cost effectively and sustainably, year round in any location.'

Randy King, Managing Partner at West Grow said the company is extremely excited for the opportunity to bring this technology into the Canadian markets.

'After exhaustive research, we were unable to find a comparable system that was nearly as productive as IFOAs'. With food sovereignty becoming a significant concern for many countries with short growing seasons; we are confident that IFOA's growing system will revolutionize how produce is grown in northern climates. We are thrilled by the prospect of providing fresh, locally grown, all natural produce to Canadians year round,' King said.

The founders of Indoor Farms of America spent nearly 2 years in R&D developing a comprehensive array of — now with multiple patents awarded — reliable, economically viable high yield vertical aeroponic crop growing equipment which provides a much more affordable means to grow a variety of crops in a sustainable manner, literally anywhere in the world.

'We also want to follow up to our prior release about Wheelchair Accessible farms,' says Ron Evans, company President, 'We have now built and delivered the first accessible farm in a shipping container, and it will open doors for so many who can be productive and enjoy being actively involved in running a farm every single day. We know our aeroponic equipment is a game changer, but this new development has really set a high bar. Schools, adult rehabilitative centers, and more can easily and affordably deploy a commercial scale farm where access for wheelchair bound people is part of the program.'

Response to all the Company offerings has been overwhelming, Martin said.

'We are appreciative of all the visitors to our facility, in these first few months of production, and it is reflected in the numerous sales we have made of our equipment to entities in the U.S. and around the world, as we launch our marketing campaigns and bring distribution to areas that want and need it,' Martin said.

An example is a recent visit to the Las Vegas showroom and demonstration farm, from members of the Parliament of the country of Jordan, including the heads of Agriculture there. In depth discussions about sustainable farming and providing access to their people for truly fresh and locally grown produce all year long were reflective of the needs in so many areas, according to Martin.

With Canada fully covered, along with South Africa and some surrounding countries on the African continent, Indoor Farms of America is focused on vetting distributors in key areas of Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia, as it begins to develop major markets of the U.S. through operators seeking their equipment.

'When we have engineers tell us we represent a far better value, very highly engineered and quality product, and a more strategic partnership than going it alone and attempting to do their own thing, we know we are doing our job,' stated Martin.