CHS Larsen Cooperative hosts training for local fire departments

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On Thursday, May 19, CHS Larsen Cooperative hosted a safety walk through event for the surrounding Readfield area fire departments at their new grain facility. This included Dale Fire and Rescue, New London Fire Department, Hortonville Fire District, and Fremont Wolf River Fire Department.

Jim Emmons, Dale Fire and Rescue Chief, took the lead on the walk through training. CHS Larsen Cooperative wanted to provide an opportunity for their local safety officials to become familiar with the facility and understand the layout in a no pressure situation. Along with the new layout, they also learned where emergency disconnects were including the shut off valves for gas and electricity.

'We truly appreciate working closely with our local safety officials.' said Steve LaChey, CHS Larsen Co-op Grain Division Manager, 'If for some unforeseen reason we needed their assistance I feel confident that they would know exactly what to do now that they've had this training.'

The walk through also included all of the agronomy facilities in Readfield. The newest update in agronomy was that they no longer hold any Anhydrous Ammonia and Ammonia Nitrate. The evening was a successfully event. CHS Larsen Cooperative is very thankful for having such great community members that serve on these various departments.

'I thought this was very beneficial for all people involved to know the lay of the land,' said Jim Emmons, Dale Fire and Rescue Chief.

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