Delavan Ag Pumps introduced new line

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Delavan Ag Pumps offers a complete line of stainless steel RollerPro™ pumps for all types of chemical spraying, including agricultural, lawn care, pest control and golf course management.

The RollerPro stainless steel models are designed to handle insecticides and burn-down chemicals like RoundUp®. An advantage of the Delavan RollerPro roller pumps is that they are field serviceable — meaning they can be taken apart and repaired with minimal downtime.

The Ultra rollers used in Delavan RollerPro roller pumps are very wear-resistant which offers farmers many years both durability and reliable service. All RollerPro pumps use Viton seals for chemical compatibility.

The complete line of RollerPro roller pumps includes 4, 6, 7 and 8 roller pumps; all pumps are available in both stainless steel and economical cast iron materials.

The RollerPro line includes a 4-roller pump for direct drive from gas engines and electric motors. The 6, 7 and 8 RollerPro pumps are used on sprayers of all sizes, and offer flexibility for mounting on tractor PTOs, for both 540 RPM and 1000 RPM speeds. Dual speed PTO couplers are available from Delavan for ease of mounting.

Steve Panasuk, Pump Product Manager for Delavan Ag Pumps, has great confidence in the RollerPro™ product line.

'The RollerPro™ family is a superior line of products that have provided countless farmers years and years of reliable service,' he said. 'Known for their storied durability, the fact that these pumps are completely field serviceable adds to their overall appeal and functionality. This is a solid group of products our customers have relied upon for almost six decades now.'

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