Crowley joins Alltech's on-farm team

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Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech announced an addition to their on-farm support team. Pat Crowley recently joined the company as on-farm territory sales manager to bring the on-farm MIKO (Mycotoxin Hazard Analysis) program to the Wisconsin marketplace.

Crowley is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls with a bachelor of science in agriculture and a minor in animal science with an emphasis in dairy. Prior to joining Alltech, Crowley worked as a regional manager, as well as a dairy specialist and dairy nutritionist.

"Our goal is to expand our on-farm MIKO program from Minnesota to the Wisconsin marketplace," said Dan Weiland, Alltech regional sales manager. "Crowley will be the forage and mycotoxin management expert for the Alltech Wisconsin region. He joins us with 20 plus years of experience in the dairy industry and will be an excellent addition to our team with his expertise and understanding of dairy nutrition."

Crowley's primary duties as an on-farm territory sales manager will be to work with producers, nutritionists and veterinarians in developing strategies and finding solutions using the Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis program, which analyzes grain, forage and complete feed samples and can test for more than 37 different toxins. He will also be visiting farms on a regular basis to monitor cows and stored forages, and determine what improvements can be made to maximize milk quality and animal health.

For more information, questions or to introduce yourself to Alltech's new on-farm territory sales manager, Crowley can be reached by phone at 920-206-5069 or via email at