iPad is in-cab monitor

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Hay producers can now use their Apple® iPad® or iPad Mini® as the in-cab display for the new 400T Automatic Preservative Applicator from Harvest Tec.

Introducing the iPad compatibility into the system provides immediate benefits, along with opening the door for future development and greater capabilities.

Since many producers already own an iPad, there is an immediate cost saving. As the optional display, the iPad's touch screen is bright, colorful and durable, with Bluetooth® connectivity and no wiring harness needed.

The new 400T Automatic Applicator is the Hudson-based firm's latest hay preservative system for small square and round balers. It provides the industry's most advanced process for preserving hay quality, and is available from all major baler brands.

This automatic control system accurately senses moisture on the go and adjusts the application of preservative to match the condition of the hay. This precision operation minimizes waste by applying the exact amount of product needed to maintain crop quality.

The 400T applicator takes moisture and baling rate information from two star wheel sensors in square balers and moisture discs in round balers. Its 3-pump system then applies the correct amount of preservative. Moisture, tonnage, and baling rates are all displayed on the screen, along with the volume of product being used.

The iPad, or the standard touch-screen display, gives the operator complete control and information. A selection of additional screens provides settings adjustment and job records. The system stores data from 63 jobs by date and time, number of tons baled and product used, along with high and average moisture.

The new 400T automatic applicators are designed to use Harvest Tec brands of hay preservative… a buffered propionic acid used to help preserve all types of hay, including alfalfa and grass. Harvest Tec hay preservative is one of the strongest in the industry, but is chemically buffered to give it a pH of 6.0 which is completely safe for all livestock and equipment.

Using Harvest Tec preservative in the new 400T automatic applicator enables producers to bale and keep hay up to 30% moisture. It preserves hay color, prevents nutrient loss and avoids the accidental feeding of hay that has spoiled inside the bale. It safeguards hay quality and value.

For more information, contact Harvest Tec, Inc. at 800-635-7468 or info@harvesttec.com.