GROWMARK sponsors National Agriculture Day

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GROWMARK and its FS and grain member companies are proud to sponsor National Agriculture Day, recognizing and celebrating everything agriculture provides and its importance to the world. National Ag Day is March 15.

GROWMARK and its FS and grain member companies will be involved in local and national activities that highlight agriculture and the key role it plays in society.

The companies will celebrate Ag Day through various actions such as state and national ag legislative activities, Agriculture in The Classroom, and ag literacy efforts. Supporting initiatives like Agriculture in the Classroom helps students understand where food, fiber, and fuel come from.

"Ag Day is an opportunity to continue to educate consumers of all ages. From the food we eat to the products we use, farmers and American agriculture are feeding, fueling, and clothing a growing world," said Chuck Spencer, GROWMARK Executive Director of Corporate and Government Relations.

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) hosts National Ag Day on March 15, 2016 which falls during National Ag Week from March 13-19. GROWMARK and its FS and grain member cooperatives are sponsors of ACA Ag Day activities. The ACA is a nonprofit organization that strives to increase the public's awareness of agriculture and its important role in modern society. It's the 43rd anniversary of National Ag Day and this year's theme is "Stewards of a Healthy Planet".

The GROWMARK system is dedicated to being good stewards of the environment. The recent launch of a System-wide sustainability initiative called Endure reinforces the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. For more information on National Ag Day visit: