Purina announces organic feed

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Purina Animal Nutrition announces its new line of organic poultry feed. This new group of products joins Purina's family of industry-leading poultry feeds, offering organic flock raisers optimum nutrition for happy, healthy birds.

"Our backyard flock customers are passionate about sustainably raising their birds and feeding their families wholesome eggs," says Jodi Eineichner, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. "The new line of Purina® Organic Premium Poultry Feed further achieves sustainability by providing all of the ingredients customers and their flocks want – and nothing they don't."

The purity of the new USDA Certified Organic poultry feed — available in a starter-grower, layer pellets, layer crumbles and scratch grains — is clear when looking at the feed label.

The four new feed products are formulated with:

✔ No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

✔ No antibiotics

✔ No animal byproducts

✔ No fillers

✔ And, as with all poultry feed, no added growth hormones.

Gordon Ballam, Ph.D., a flock nutritionist with Purina Animal Nutrition, helped formulate the new organic feeds. The team selected the feed ingredients with the support of nearly 100 years of proven research at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center.

"The new Purina® Organic line builds on our nutrition research and poultry brand leadership," he says. "We created this new line of feed to focus on simple, wholesome, ingredients. This recipe is built on the fact that it's not only about what you feed your chickens, it is also about what you are not feeding them."

The new Purina® Organic Premium Poultry Feeds became available nationwide Feb. 5, through local Purina® retailers.

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