Cascade Organic Flour to double production

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Cascade Milling (dba Cascade Organic Flour, LLC.) recently announced that it plans to double organic wheat acreage to 5,000 irrigated acres in the Columbia Basin of central Washington by 2018. This increase in acreage will allow Cascade Organic Flour to produce 30 million pounds of whole wheat organic flour from its own organic wheat production in less than two years.

Cascade Organic Flour (Cascade Milling) is a family owned, vertically integrated operation that grows several thousand acres of organic wheat and other crops near the Columbia River in central Washington, and our mill (near our farm in the Columbia Basin) produces several million lbs. of organic flour per year. In fact, they are the largest family-owned, vertically integrated organic wheat growing and organic wheat flour milling operation in the United States.

Their organic wheat is grown near the Cascade Mountains of Washington State with irrigation water from the Columbia River fed by snowpack from the Cascade Mountain and Rocky Mountain ranges.

The rich volcanic soil and ideal climate conditions along the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains provides the optimum mix of essential nutrients and the best natural environment for growing some of the highest quality organic wheat in the world. As a result, they are able to mill organic wheat flour (from our organic wheat) that is high in protein and rich in other key nutrients.

Their organic wheat is stored in state-of-the-art grain storage facilities, which allows them to have a year-round stable supply of organic wheat that consistently supplies our organic flour mill.

Moreover, their organic flour is rigorously inspected and checked, and their food safety system conforms to audit and quality control protocols for tracing/recall at every step of the production process. Furthermore, through their modern flour milling facility, they can meet various specifications requested by customers.

Stated Cascade Organic Flour Owner/President Justin Brown, "We are seeing tremendous interest in our 'Farm to Table' organic wheat flour program, as consumers want to know where the flour in their bread and other baked goods comes from, and that it is healthy and natural."

For more information, contact Justin Brown through email or 509-855-7450, or go to their website at