Grilled cheese sandwiches always a hit at State Fair

Gloria Hafemeister


One of the most popular food vendors at Wisconsin State Fair was the grilled cheese sandwich booth in the Wisconsin Products Pavilion.

Chaired by Kirsten Henning of the Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s Association, the booth featured several varieties of cheese on the popular sandwichess including pepper jack, Swiss and the standard cheddar.

Why are the sandwiches better?

“It’s the cheese,” Henning said.

She proudly credits Wisconsin’s cows for providing the best quality milk to make the best cheese. Proof of that is the fact that the World Champion cheese comes from Monroe, Wisconsin, she pointed out.

When visitors inquire about the cheese, she lets them know that Wisconsin is known for its many varieties of cheese.  She also tells them that cheese is a huge economic driver in the state.

“It’s great to see all these people enjoy the fruits of the labor of our Wisconsin dairy farmers and cheesemakers,” she said.

While she was at the fair, she took time to do radio interviews, promoting the cheese sandwich booth at the Wisconsin Products Pavilion along with Wisconsin cheese.

The popular grilled cheese booth also offered cheese curds and a new, popular snack product by Sargento known as Balanced Breaks, which are half cheese and half dried fruit or peanuts. They come in many varieties and are high-energy, healthy snacks.

Henning, who grew up on a dairy farm, said promoting cheese with the Cheesemakers Association is her way of helping to keep the dairy industry going.  She spends 10 days at the fair coordinating activities in the booth.  She also assisted with the Cheese and Butter Auction at the fair on Thursday night.

Cheese sandwiches are made and sold by volunteers from Wisconsin’s dairy industry.

Volunteers from around the state made grilled cheese sandwiches and sold popular cheese snacks at the Wisconsin State Fair.