"Antibiotics and Animals: What's the Issue?"

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Antibiotic use in agriculture is an issue consumers have become more concerned with in recent years. Through a panel that brings together veterinarians, researchers and agriculture professionals from both organic and conventional farms, participants can ask questions and gain a balanced view on the topic.

The panel discussion, which is free and open to students and the public, will take place on Tuesday, March 1, in room 5208 of the Social Sciences building on the UW-Madison campus at 6:30 p.m.

"We are excited to bring this new event to campus and hope that students will come take advantage of many different expert opinions on the topic of antibiotic usage," said Brad Jaeger, UW-Madison student majoring in Agricultural Economics and Agronomy.

Panelists include Mark Cook, Melissa Haag, Sarah Slaby and Shelly Mayer. Bryant Gill, the assistant farm director at Mid-West Family Marketing will moderate the panel.

Dr. Mark Cook is a Professor in Animal Sciences and affiliate professor of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, Nutritional Sciences and the Food Research Institute at the UW-Madison. His research focuses on dietary mechanisms to control inflammation and increase animal growth and development in chickens.

Dr. Melissa Haag received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 2012 and has worked with livestock at Lodi Veterinary Care since her graduation. She primarily works with beef and dairy cattle but provides services to pigs, sheep and goats as well. Melissa and her husband own a dairy farm located in the town of Dane. Dr. Haag is passionate about modern agriculture and enjoys working with farmers to produce quality, nutritious food.

Dr. Sarah Slaby is a practicing, large animal organic veterinarian. She owns and manages a sole proprietorship, Dr. Sarah Slaby Veterinary Service, specializing in organic and sustainable agriculture. She also has her own line of natural products for treating dairy cows, Dr. Sarah's Essentials. Dr. Slaby helps her husband manage their dairy herd which has been shipping milk to Organic Valley since November 2011.

Shelly Mayer grew up on a dairy farm in southwestern Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in agricultural journalism and dairy science from UW-Madison. She continues to farm a herd of Holsteins and Brown Swiss dairy cattle with her husband Dwight. She also serves as the executive director for the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, the largest dairy producer-led, educational based organization in the country.

For more information contact Katherine Griswold, 608-320-2730 or email kegriswold@wisc.edu.