Bayfield County approves CAFO ordinance

Now Media Group


Another Wisconsin county has decided to implement new regulations for large farms that want to build concentrated animal feeding operations within its borders.

The Bayfield County board of supervisors approved a new set of standards for farms that exceed 1,000 animal units.

The move comes about a year after the Iowa-based Reicks View purchased over 560 acres in the town of Eileen, which is about 8 miles southwest of Ashland, where they plan to construct a 26,000-pig farrowing operation.

As part of the new policy, large farms will have to pay a one-time fee of $1 per animal and would also be required to have the capability of storing waste for a minimum of 540 days.

The state's natural resources department is in the process of putting together an Environmental Impact Statement for the hog farm.

Last February, county supervisors placed a year-long moratorium on the permitting process for new CAFOs so they could study the environmental effects of larger farm. The county board also voted last year to prohibit aerial spraying of manure onto fields.