With personal drama intertwining with their music, artists like Cardi B, Drake and Ariana Grande made headlines all year long, according to PEOPLE magazine senior music editor Janine Rubenstein. (Dec. 21)


Ariana Grande is fighting back against accusations that she disrespected or appropriated Japanese culture with her new tattoo.

Grande has weathered criticism over her new tattoo of Japanese characters, which she publicly fixed after an initial misspelling caused its intended translation of "seven rings" to actually mean a Japanese style barbecue grill. Critics responded by claiming Grande's tattoo was an example of cultural appropriation, with headlines accusing her of "disrespecting Asian culture," "exploiting Japanese culture 'for the aesthetic' " and "falling off the cultural-appropriation tightrope."

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Grande posted an extensive response to the criticism, according to E! News and Fox News.

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“I went back and got it fixed with the help of my tutor to be more accurate,” she wrote. ”I can’t read or write kanji obviously. What do you want me to do? It was done out of love and appreciation. What do you want me to say?"

“You know how many people make this mistake and DON’T care just cause they like how it looks? Bruh…. I care soooo much. What would u like me to do or say? Forreal."

Grande went on to say she made an "innocent mistake" with the tattoo, and that her "crippling anxiety" has been exacerbated by the controversy. 

“There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation," she continued. "My japanese fans were always excited when I wrote in japanese or wore japanese sayings on my clothing. However, all of the merch with japanese on it was taken down from my site not that anyone cared to notice."

“I’mma stop taking lessons too," she added, according to the Independent, presumably talking about Japanese language lessons. "It’s literally just something that brings me joy and that i’m passionate about. I legit wanted to move there one day. But all good. Have a good one."

Unfortunately for Grande, the changes she made to her tattoo to expand upon its meaning may have complicated its translation more. Grande added the character for “yubi” or finger, and based on the translation of the new tattoo, it could read anything from “Ring seven finger” and "Seven finger ring" to “Japanese BBQ grill finger."

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