Cedarburg is always a fun place to go, but sometimes people think of it as more of a couples excursion or a great place to go on a girls' trip.

But, when you look beyond the winery, restaurants and antique shops, there are plenty of family-friendly activities to do as well -- things that will keep your kids entertained on day trip to downtown Cedarburg. Here are five of them:

1. Build your rock collection

The Gem Shop, at W64 N723 Washington Ave., is a must-see for the rock collectors, dinosaur lovers and mini-gemologists in your family. There are plenty of rocks, polished stones, fossils and jewelry to touch, admire and buy. There are also rock collection kits, geodes, fossil excavation kits and rock grab bags.

The Gem Shop even runs an annual fossil hunt contest. Between June 1 and August 31, people are invited to search their backyards, the lakefront, river banks or wherever, to find fossils. They can bring the fossils into the Gem Shop for their chance at a prize!

2. Make a toy stop

There are some fun places to get toys in downtown Cedarburg. The Cedarburg Toy Company, at W62 N583 Washington Ave., sells toys that are locally crafted and American-made. There are environmentally friendly toys, old-school toys like Slinkys, yoyos and Golden Books and crazy-fun toys like Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. And the store is very hands-on as well; it's motto is "Come in and play!"

There are also lots of nostalgic toys and sticker books available at the Cedar Creek Trading Post in the Cedar Creek Settlement, at N70 W6340 Bridge Road.

3. Candy, candy, candy

When your family needs a sugar fix, you've got a few great options.

In addition to the great little toys, the Cedar Creek Trading Post also has a candy section with things like rock candy, sweet tarts and peppermint sticks.

Amy's Candy Kitchen, at W62 N579 Washington Ave., is the place to go for the fancy stuff. Try out one of their handmade gourmet caramel apples -- those things are big enough to split among your whole family.

Ashley's Confectionery, at W63 N650 Washington Ave., offers its own selection of homemade chocolate delicacies, as well as old-school candy like flying saucers, candy buttons and Bottle Caps, and favorites like Jelly Belly, gummy bears and Swedish Fish. There's even ice cream!

4. Deck out your doll

The Cedar Creek Settlement is home to lots of quirky gift shops, clothing boutiques and antique stores. One that will be of particular interest to the little doll-lovers in your life is Smiles-2-U Doll Boutique on the building's second floor. There you'll find everything you need to dress your 14-inch, 15-inch and 18-inch dolls in unique finery. Who could say no to a Packer-themed dress and mini laptop for an American Girl doll?

5. Water Play

If the little ones aren't loving the idea of trekking through the winery tour with you or can't handle antique shopping, it might be time to divide and conquer. Why don't you relax on that winery tour that your husband doesn't really care about anyway, while he heads outside the Cedar Creek Settlement with the kids to watch the truly spectacular waterfall. Kids (and adults!) can get mesmerized just staring at the cascading water, or, if the kids are in a more active mode, it's fun to throw a stick in the water and then watch to see where the rapids take it. This surprisingly entertaining activity can actually take up quite a bit of time!


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