On Valentine's Day, American Girl announced the release of its newest doll, Tenney Grant and her boy "friend," Logan Everett.

He's the first 18-inch American Girl boy doll ever.

The company used to offer a male "Bitty Baby" twin, but Bitty Babies don't have a particular backstory, and they've been phased out.

Logan's a bit of mystery. We know he has brown hair and gray eyes and that he plays the drums. But he's still a big deal because for more than 31 years, the American Girl dolls have not had to share the stage with anyone male.

Tenney has a made-for-TV-movie story. She lives in Nashville and longs to be a performer. She began writing songs in her family's backyard then moved onto the school jamboree before finally getting her first professional gig. Her determination is without question, but along the way she may need to reconcile her ambition with staying true to herself. Or maybe that's my dramatic determination of her backstory, shared in a news release.

Both Tenney and Logan retail for $115.

Learn more about the dolls' accessories and stories on azcentral.com.

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