Ask the Expert

Wisconsin State Farmer
Juvenile eastern bluebirds eat the same diet as the adult birds - insects and caterpillars.

Q: What do baby bluebirds eat? Mom has been bringing them to our feeders but they don't eat.

A: Young bluebirds eat the same diet as the adult birds. Right now, they are learning to forage and feed on their own. Yours are probably still relying on feedings from mom and dad and not yet selecting food on their own. Insects and caterpillars are heavily used this time of year.

Q: Can you recommend a good shrub for shade?

A: Sun King aralia is one of my favorites. A shrubby perennial with vibrant, chartreuse leaves, this grows about 4 to 5 feet tall and wide, really brightening up a shady location in the garden.

Q: Can I cut back my tulips and daffodils now?

A: Generally, yes, if they are beginning to go dormant and discolor.

Q: My Rose of Sharon didn't come back this year. Do you know why?

A: There may be many reasons. Many Rose of Sharon are only marginally hardy in our area and need winter protection. The relatively warm and wet winter and spring may also have played a role. Also, Rose of Sharon are usually late arrivals in spring, one of the last shrubs to green up, so be sure it is truly dead before giving up.