Ask the Expert

Wisconsin State Farmer
Siberian Iris is a moisture-loving perennial.

Q: What are some plants that grow well in wet places?

A: There are many great choices of plants with colorful blooms for wet places. Try cardinal flower, blue lobelia, swamp milkweed, rose turtle head, blue gentian, helenium, ironweed, joe-pye weed, ligularia, a number of different sedges, hostas, ferns and more.

Q: My columbine came back a whole different color this year. Why does this happen?

A: Columbine self seed and hybridize readily in the garden. Pollinators that visit from flower to flower carry pollen back-and-forth, creating fun new colors.

Q: I'm looking for plants for a hanging basket for shade. Any suggestions?

A: All of the fuchsias are wonderful in hanging baskets, along with trailing coleus, begonias in all shapes, sizes and colors, impatiens, and others.

Q: What are Siberian irises?

A: Siberian irises differ from bearded iris in their growth habit. Instead of a thick, fleshy rhizome, this plant features slender roots and grassy foliage with thin stems and more delicate blooms. Siberian iris grow well in a multitude of locations including sun, shade, wet and dry. Once established, they will perform beautifully in many spots in the garden.