Saturday is National Cheese Day! Here are four Wisconsin ways to celebrate.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

June 4 is National Cheese Day, also known as "another reason why Wisconsin is the best" day.

We've got the history — Anne Pickett of Lake Mills created the first "official" Wisconsin cheese in 1841. Wisconsin produces more than 3 million pounds of cheese, that's more than 25% of all the cheese made in the U.S. (You're welcome America.)

Here are four ways to celebrate one of Wisconsin's greatest products, cheese.

Cheesehead-brand foam hats by Foamation Inc., now located at 1120 S. Barclay St.

1. Put on your Cheesehead

Chicago Bears fans and Illinois at large used to "diss" Wisconsinites by calling us "cheeseheads." It became popular back in the 1980s, which was just about the last time the Bears were any good. The nickname backfired, and now it's a point of pride. Ralph Bruno made the first cheese hat out of foam from his mom's couch. And now, even dogs have Cheesehead hats. You can take a tour of the Cheesehead factory, starting at $5.

The Mars Cheese Castle is a great pit stop when you're driving around Wisconsin.

2. Road trip to the Mars Cheese Castle

You can't miss the sign for the Mars Cheese Castle from I-94 as you near the Illinois border. Don't go to Illinois, they have tolls and, we assume, based on the Mars Cheese Castle location, a real lack of cheese. Stock up on souvenirs, meat, popcorn, kringle, cheesecake and all the cheese you could possibly want.

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Joe Lange of Wisconsin Cheese Mart says his favorite burger cheese is Wild Morel and Leek Jack, Kase Meister Creamery.

3. Sample the spread at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart

The Wisconsin Cheese Mart opened in 1938 on Old World Third Street, has more than 150 kinds of Wisconsin cheese and ships to all 50 states (even Illinois!). The cheesemongers will be your sherpas, letting you sample all the cheese and helping you find the perfect wedge for your next meal. Or go next door to the Uber Tap Room, where you can get a cheese board paired with Wisconsin's other great export, beer.

Mike McMahon, an assistant cheese maker, works on scooping up white cheddar cheese curds before packaging at Clock Shadow Creamery at their location on W. Bruce St, Milwaukee.

4. Learn how cheese is made

Clock Shadow Creamery in Walker's Point offers tours six days a week (call or email to schedule one, 414-273-9711). The tours are typically $3 for adults and $2 for kids, and include a tasting along with a history lesson. They make fresh cheese curds every Wednesday and Friday. However, tours are currently suspended due to COVID.