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The Good, the bad, and the funny

May 2, 2013 | 0 comments

I am in a joyous mood today. Spring has finally arrived! The sun even came out over the weekend.

This weather change has meant a great deal to me. Today, I could finally walk down our farm lane without sinking up to my knees in mud.

Of course, I didn't go for my walk alone. Bob was too busy hauling soybeans into town, so he missed out. This trip was only me and our dog, Sunny.

Ever since drifts of snow stopped our hikes down the lane this winter, Sunny and I have had to walk the shoulder of the road. Fearing Sunny would dart out in front of a car, I've been training him to come to me and sit when any vehicle comes our way.

Sunny would have to stop his sniffing, but he didn't mind because when he came and sat, I'd give him a treat. After a few weeks of training, Sunny would often plunk down his butt and anchor himself to the ground before I realized a car was coming our way. Good dog.

I'm hoping this training will kick into gear if he ever happens to escape the leash and dash toward the road. I would be so thankful if he would stop and sit if he ever senses a car.

Going down the lane today we didn't have to worry about traffic. It seemed a carefree walk, until we got to the section of the lane where geese and swans had been occupying for the last month.

The area had become a large shallow lake ever since the snowmelt and rains came to our area. There were so many large birds, the loud honking sounds made me think I was standing in a nature center - I guess in a way I was.

Anyway, you can guess what interested Sunny during this walk. Our large feathered friends had left little gifts any dog would appreciate. Too many were eaten by Sunny, even though I tried to dissuade him.

"Yuck! Icky" I'd say as I tugged on his leash and tried to navigate him away from his goose-dropped treat - the poor dog just didn't understand.

Sunny did eat a few before I could stop him, but eating wasn't disgusting enough for our crazy dog. Next he wanted to roll in the stuff.

I tugged and we got past the bird sanctuary area, but eventually we had to turn around and head for home. The only option was to walk back through the same icky area, which we did, but I walked a lot faster and snugged the leash tight so Sunny didn't have as much fun - soon the geese will move to their nesting sites and our lane will be back to normal. I can't wait.

I have another little story to add that has nothing to do with dogs or geese.

A couple months ago I bought a new-fangled coffee maker that uses K-cups. It works great for me because it makes one cup at a time. Whether I want tea or coffee, or Bob wants cocoa, in a matter of minutes a steaming cup is ready.

One day, I was making a cup of tea, only to find coffee grounds in my cup. This had never happened before, not even when I used the insert where I put in my own grounds.

I dumped the grounds-filled cup and made a second. It happened again. This time I examined the machine. I found coffee grounds everywhere they shouldn't be. How did that happen? I wondered as I cleaned the machine.

It wasn't until later that day that I figured out the problem. It was Bob.

It seemed while I was away, Bob made himself a cup of coffee, or at least he tried to. He used one of the pre-filled cups and removed the top cover. When the hot water flowed through the machine all the coffee grounds gushed forth.

Bob didn't tell me about this kerfuffle until I mentioned the problem with the appearing grounds to him. "I thought I had cleaned it up," he said.

I laughed. He sounded like one of our kids when they were young and had been caught making a mistake. Right then, I showed him how to use the machine. "You don't remove the top," I explained. "When the top closes on the K-cup, it pokes a hole in the top and bottom. The hot water goes through and the grounds stay put." You can't get anything past Mother.

FYI: Spring 2013 Contest: Send a card, letter, or a postcard to me to try to win a copy of Route 2, Box 12. (No fair sending email entries.) I will draw a winner on May 13, 2013. Hurry. Post your entry today. (Susan Manzke, Sunnybook Farm, N8646 Miller Rd, Seymour, WI 54165)

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