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One heck of a move

June 6, 2013 | 0 comments

It was like a game of chess, but the pieces weren't pawns. They were pieces of furniture, clothing, and household goods.

Awhile back, Rebecca and Andy decided to move from Kaukauna to De Pere, cutting their commute to work in half. They were planning to move all their stuff during Memorial Day weekend, but things changed.

The person vacating the De Pere apartment chose not to leave until May 31. Rebecca and Andy would be homeless . . . for a few days.

We invited them to come here during the transition, but what to do with all their stuff? We couldn't put everything in our house and they didn't want to do that anyway.

A group of friends (Kay, Dawn, Julie, LaDonna, and Patti, etc.) helped move boxes to Patti's home in De Pere and unloaded them in her garage, so as planned on Memorial Day, boxes moved from Rebecca and Andy's old place, but not into their new apartment.

LaDonna took a family china cabinet into her home for safe keeping. That day was only the beginning.

On Wednesday, Andy rented a U-Haul. Tom, another friend, helped pack a major part of their furniture into the 10-foot bed of that rented truck - too small a bed?

Tom used a shoehorn - to supplement the truck Andy's brother, Joe hauled the couch back to his home in a borrowed truck - this day the addition of rain created more obstacles.

After the big stuff was loaded - I'm no fool - I went to Kaukauna and packed my car with Rebecca's hope chest, baskets full of freshly laundered clothes, and armloads of clothes from their closet.

We topped off my load with the contents of their fridge and freezer. Bob's sister, Ginny, put more boxes in her car. Of course, Rebecca's car was full, too.

Except for the food, all vehicles became temporary storage units and would not be unloaded until Saturday.

Rebecca and Andy moved into our spare room Wednesday evening. With great difficulty we squeezed their food in with our own. Both our fridge and chest freezer were at their limits.

We did everything to make more room, like finishing all leftovers. "There's only a couple mouthfuls of the beef left (we had for supper). Someone eat it so we don't have to put it back in the fridge."

This was also said to empty a container of strawberries and another of pineapple. Space was precious.

Sunny, our dog, was overjoyed having Rebecca and Andy staying with us for three nights. He went around begging to be pet and stroked. He did this by licking legs and bare feet.

I felt ignored by our dog as he loved our younger company. Sunny's attitude towards Bob and me was more like we were boring. Rebecca and Andy were willing to give him extra attention and our dog can never get enough of that.

On the other hand, our cat Cruella hated their arrival. She went into hiding, immediately. For hours I didn't know where Cruella lurked.

When it came time for us to go to bed, that cat was nowhere to be found. She didn't come out in the morning either. I started to worry because she didn't have food or water. What if she didn't come out for days and died?

Actually, Cruella did appear later that Thursday morning. The kids had returned to their old apartment to scrub it clean and were gone most of the day. When all was clear, Cruella came up out of the basement.

She was not a happy camper. Her tail puffed up when she saw me. It took her time to recognize me, and when she did, her tail returned to normal. Eventually, she ate and drank, but too soon for our cat, our houseguests returned. Cruella headed for the hills again.

That Thursday evening everyone was exhausted. There would be no cooking even with the abundance of food in our fridge - so stuffed, it was hard to find anything. Instead, we had Chinese take-out as a treat.

But the move was only half done. More complications were yet to come. Rebecca and Andy took a break from it all and went back to work on Friday.

Saturday would be an unbelievable day of moving. We also had the addition of a birthday party the same day, too. But I don't have enough room to write about all that. The move will conclude next week.

Susan Manzke, Sunnybook Farm, N8646 Miller Rd, Seymour, WI 54165; Sunnybook@aol.com; www.susanmanzke.net; http://www.facebook.com/susan.manzke

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