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Who is the loser?

Sept. 13, 2012 | 0 comments

I do not find it hard to write letters to the editor. At least I know that they get printed.

This is a letter about winners and losers.

Who is the loser in a tight political race? It is we, the people, of course.

This is why it is so vital that we absorb the true meaning of the letter in the fist place. It is to sway the voters, of course.

Naturally you start your letter off with some agreeable subject. Once you get your reader in agreement with you, you can win him with your form of gossip or truth, which ever becomes the thrust of your letter.

Foxy, is it not? Now you are ready to tell your story.

I too, like to read letters to the editor. This gives everyone the right to their own opinion.

You don't really take them too seriously, do you? Yet, this is where we all get to express our thoughts on the subject of running our government.

For example, many times a candidate will run on the ticket which will get him, or her, elected. Foxy again, isn't it?

Personally I am amazed at how our Republican opponents have chosen their candidates. Yet, this is how they feel they have chosen a winner.

Smart move. Right move, would that be correct?

The Republican party has chosen winning candidates, to be sure, because theirs is a tough game to play. They were smart in doing this, of course, because of the simple fact that the Obama election was a very successful move on the part of "we, the people."

Where else would we have seen a more successful year in the politics of a free nation?

More on this later, that is, if you read my letters.

Gene Rake


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